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The Importance of Creative Activity in Elementary Education 37 Since viktorr child’s main urges during scribbling are to identify with motor activity, the material used should encourage free expression of kinesthetic sensations without any intruding technical difficulties. Such integration cannot take place when the teacher says, “Children, let’s draw the landing of the first settlers. It is one of the important attributes of any creative process that we become more sensi- tive to things with which we are dealing.

Creative and Mental Growth

This, however, is significant in itself, as it reveals a most serious threat toward our ethics and civilization, especially as this is underlined by the fact that the home and family life of today have seemingly to find refuge in past periods. This initial intellectual process is an important vikktor in creative activities.

Now, if we look at formal education, we realize that the basis for the lowenfelx of learning rests within 26 letters and 10 numerals.

He will then remember that a table or the square in his town that appeared large in size to him when he was a child now appears much smaller.

A child of twelve years has discovered himself to be mentally and socially a part of the environment. We would thus neglect the most important meaning of art education in the elementary classroom — the promotion of the child’s growth.


This applies to all stages and levels of creative activity. This, of course, is not only true for reading; it can be done everywhere, providing better opportunity for integrative, experiences than can be done with separate, narrowly defined subjects.

He loves to discover new things, to experiment, and to read fantastic stories. To extend the frame of reference, we always have to start on the level of the individual — to extend the child’s thinking, feeling and perceiving mentzl his level and at the stage of his development.

He loves to swing on them.

Creative and Mental Growth, 3rd Edition: Viktor Lowenfeld: : Books

Give an example of a split-complementary color scheme. See too that the boy identifies so closely with his father that he puts his own sneakers on him, with the important laces he has just learned to tie.

But this does not mean lowenfelr we should adjust their diets to sweets. See all 12 reviews. What formerly appeared an accident in painting will now be considered stimulating. However, more complex forms of art expression can be influenced easily by stronger personalities. Self -adjustment Any work that is forced upon a person creates tension and dissatisfac- tion.

Dad, and Bob had to be related to how he felt about these things, and this had to be related to the location of the things on the paper. Even at a later stage of grrowth scribbling, when he has the urge to name his scribbles, when he has the desire to give his scribblings distinct meaning, water color would interfere with his experience.

In the same way as we can identify with colors and tones, we can also identify with materials we are using. A technique that does not help the child to express his particular desires is therefore not a good one. In fact, both may have suffered.


This complex world demands complex thinking, and that starts with how you put materials together, what happens when you make “mistakes”, when you try the unexpected, and when you are allowed to follow a thread that was not envisioned by the text book. The teacher will then understand the psychological significance it has for the child when he discovers that there is a relationship between his motions and the lines on the paper. It may occur in many classrooms that a child “finds himself” in a ggowth, and an emotional block that inhibited him in his growth is removed.

As has been said before, the subject matter may be concrete or abstract. This development toward freedom of expression, this great experience of individuals in finding themselves, rests upon the knowledge of what truth is in art education. Yet in education simultaneity of growth has largely been neglected. The development of perceptual sensitivity, then, should become a most important part of the educative process.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Teachers often think if history is illustrated, or interpreted in the art viktr, integration of the two subjects takes place. The diflFerence in the meaning of iniitation has created misunderstand- ings.

Then the child had to color a workbook illustration.